ich hau ab aus dem AltenheimWir freuen uns auf die Rentedenn lieber stirbt die Omama, als dass ich  10 Cent mehr bezahlMann, ich brauch Geldimpressum

Some time You have to face the really important questions of live, e.g. how to get out again of the nursing home.
My daughter had shown me the canadian rapper Jon Lajoie, and this was the point, when I wanted to become a Gangsta-Rapper, too.
So I wrote Meister Erhard's first Rap - feat. Franz Schubert.

It became a road movie: The protagonist gets out of the nursing home, to his old soccer-team and then he goes to the prostitutes arround the station - he needs money to pay for his beer.

(sorry - until now there are only german subtitles - maybe the automatic Youtube translation?)

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